Savali Harvey
Director / Educational Leader

My journey in  Early Childhood Education began in the late 80's, early 90's. I have since worked in Primary Education, Secondary Education and Tertiary Education settings in Australia and New Zealand. In my current role as Director of Raina's, I oversee the operations of the entire business. In my role as Educational Leader / Coordinator I am able to establish real, honest and reciprocal relationships with our Educators and FDC Families. I am passionate about advocating for quality Early Childhood Education and Care for Pasifika Families in the Ipswich, Logan and Brisbane regions. I am proud to work in FDC alongside my Educators. 

Genevieve Aiono

I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2015 and began my journey as an Educator in FDC. From this position, I moved onto mentoring Educators in my role as Coordinator. In my current role at Raina's, I am capacity building with culturally and linguistically diverse Educators. As a bi-lingual Coordinator, I am able to facilitate in-house learning with our Pasifika Educators. In 2021 I completed my own professional development journey with Be You which increased my knowledge around mental health and wellbeing. I am passionate about my role and I am proud to be apart of the Family Day Care sector. 

Amanda Vickery
Office Manager

 I am currently undertaking a Masters of Learning and Teaching (Primary Education) at USQ. In January 2020, I graduated with a Graduate Certificate of Business Administration. In my role as Office Manager, I ensure that our service remains compliant with the National Laws & National Regulations. I also facilitate our Educator Meetings throughout the year which is a great way for me to build relationships with our Educators. I am proud to work in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector and to be apart of Raina's Family Day Care Scheme.

Joan Taupo
Administration / Coordination

Mid-year 2021, I have enrolled into the Masters of Learning and Teaching (Early Childhood) course at USQ, to further deepen my knowledge in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. In December 2020, I completed my Graduate Certificate of Education at USQ specialising in Early Childhood. I have been working in ECEC since Raina's Family Day Care Scheme's first month of operations in 2017. In my current roles, I support the Educational Leader and the Coordination Team. I also take responsibility for our social media presence, maintain our website and produce our own in-house magazine. I am proud to work in Family Day Care.