To enrol your child click the link below: 

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, you are welcome to also click the link above to get started. If you require a manual enrolment form email 

The following information will be required for enrolment (online & manual):

  • Child's full name and gender

  • Child's CRN (customer reference number)

  • Child's date of birth & place of birth

  • Child's home address

  • Contact details of each known parent of the child 

  • Parent's CRN (customer reference number)

  • Parent's date of birth & place of birth

  • Parent's home address 

  • Family status, details of any court orders, parenting orders or parenting plans in relation to the child or access to the child

  • Emergency contact information (name, mobile, address)

  • Permission for Emergency contact/s to authorised to collect the child, to notify in an emergency involving the child if a parent cannot be immediately contacted, to authorise to consent to medical treatment of, or to authorise the administration of medication to the child and who can authorise an Educator to take the child outside the education and care service premises. 

  • Health & medical information

  • Other relevant health information, e.g. details of the child’s registered medical practitioner, any specific healthcare needs, allergies, medical management plans, or dietary restrictions

  • Medicare number

  • Immunisation history statement

  • Special considerations (cultural, religious or additional needs)

  • Primary language used in the child’s home

Enrolment Process 

Step 1: Once you have completed the online enrolment form, our Office Manager will review all the information and check to see if it is correct. Your Educator or our Office Manager will be in touch if there are any additional details required. At this time, you will start to complete all the required paperwork with your Educator. 


Step 2: After the online enrolment and completing all required forms including contracted hours, our Office Manager will be in touch to let you know if anything needs to happen next after receiving these forms from your Educator. If we have received all the necessary paperwork you will move onto the next step. 


Step 3: At this stage, your Educator or our Office Manager will contact you to let you know when you can confirm your child's enrolment. You will need to log into your MyGov account to confirm your child's enrolment with Raina's Family Day Care Scheme.


See step by step process here:

Step 4: Once you confirm enrolment, your Educator or our Office Manager will be in touch to let you know the status of your child's enrolment. Your child will only be able to commence FDC once the status of enrolment has  'confirmed' on our end. This may take anywhere between 48 hours or longer depending on if you have previously applied for CCS. If this is your first time applying for CCS, the waiting time can be longer. 


For more information regarding this process see here:

Raina's Family Day Care Scheme must remain compliant with the Education and Care Services National Regulations and Education and Care Services Laws which means that all the above steps and required forms will need to be completed prior to commencing FDC. If there are any issues with enrolment, we may ask you to provide evidence that you have been approved, this is typically in the form of an online letter in your MyGov account. You will have a digital copy of this letter once your child's CCS has been approved.