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Our Philosophy

  • We believe it takes a village to raise a child

  • We believe that a child’s first and foremost important place of learning is in the home

  • We recognise the diverse support systems that make up a child's world

  • We advocate for safe and secure environments for children in FDC and in their own homes

  • We acknowledge the valuable contribution Educators make to a child's learning and development

  • We encourage moments in which children can play, learn and grow everyday

  • We accept that each child has a unique way of understanding the world and can contribute to their learning in their own unique way

  • We embrace emerging social trends that enhance and extend a child’s learning journey (eg. Storypark)

  • We seek to establish respectful relations between children, Educators, families and the wider community

  • We advocate for the empowerment of families in accessing affordable and sustainable childcare

  • We promote cultural inclusion and embrace the values, beliefs and traditions of diverse families

  • We support and acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, our local Indigenous communities and Elders

  • We believe children, parents/caregivers and Educators have the right to feel connected, to feel valued and to be heard

  • We believe in lifelong learning and are committed to on-going professional development for our team members and Educators

  • We are committed to creating a cohesive team that works together and shares the same values and principles with respect for one another's contributions, ideas and perspectives

  • We recognise our responsibility in ensuring and maintaining current workplace policies and procedures

  • We advocate for our Educators to uphold the protocols and practice outline in the NQS, EYLF and MTOP Frameworks and Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics