QA 1: Educational program & practice

“Curriculum decision making aligned with the principles and practices of the EYLF & MTOP” 

"Educators ensured that children had a sense of belonging within the environment" 

"Educators were heard talking and singing to children in their home language"

"Educators supported and guided using open ended questioning" 

"Children were able to make decisions about their learning and their involvement and participation in the program"

"Educators were observed encouraging the growth of independence and resilience of children"

"Assessment, documentation and evaluation of each child's learning and development demonstrated an ongoing cycle of planning" 

"Documentation about each child's participation and progress in the program was available to families" 

QA 2: chilren's health & safety

" Educators residences provided space and opportunities for children to rest and relax."

"Families are encouraged to provide nutritious food for their children. Displays within each residence included information about healthy lunch box options."


"Opportunities for physical activity were provided for in each Educators residence. ​Each residence had an outdoor space, set up with a variety of experiences for children of a variety of ages to engage in active play"

"A range of measures are put in protect children from harm and hazard." 

QA 3: physical environment

“Educators residence visited had sufficient space with convenient access between the indoor and outdoor environments" 

"Resources and equipment were age appropriate. Educators arranged indoor play spaces to provide opportunities for children to participate in individual or small group activities" 

"Educators residence visited were well maintained and clean including all resources available to children"


"Educators residence visited had areas set up to allow for engagement in activities without disruption. Shelving is set up to allow for children of a variety of ages to freely access resources without the assistance of the Educator”​

"Educators are involving children in environmentally sustainable projects to build a sense of responsibility for caring for the environment" 


“Legislative requirements in relation to Educator to child ratios and the number of school age children and children aged less than five years in care were maintained" 

"Qualification requirements at the service were met at all times" 

"Coordinators support Educators to find alternative care placements for children when needed" 

"Interactions and communication between all staff displayed mutual respect, equity and recognition"

"Educators work together to examine practice, review outcomes and generate ideas" 

"Interactions between Educators and children were professional and respectful at all times" 


“Interactions with children were warm...Educators facilitated opportunities for children to interact and build relationships with" 

"Educators reassured children by using calm voices, positive facial expressions and regularly offering children comfort" 

"A range of strategies were utilised to ensure the dignity of each child. Educators demonstrated respect for childrens need for privacy" 

"Opportunities were provided for all children to learn through social play and collaborative experiences"

"Educators modelled strategies for children in relation to maintaining positive interactions with their peers" 


"Families have opportunities to be involved in the service, make suggestions and contribute to service decisions"

"Families have access to current information relation to the service and service operations"

"Current information about community services and resources is provided in a variety of accessible forms" 

"Strategies were in place to support children's positive transition [to school]. Information about how to support and prepare children for the transition into Prep has been provided to Educators" 

"Strategies and processes were in place to work with family members, specialists or support agencies to plan for the inclusion of all children"

"Educators are encouraged to engage with community playgroups, community hubs, local libraries..."



"The service philosophy underpins practice and decision making in the service, and was reflective of practice observed during the assessment and rating visit"

"Records were kept in accordance with legislative requirements"

"The Approved Provider, Coordinators and Office Staff contributed to effective management of the service"

"Information and feedback is gathered to inform quality improvements for the service. Families and Educators have the opportunity to contribute to quality improvement planning processes through a range of sources"

"Professional development is provided via a range of methods including webinars and at Educator meetings"